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Therm 873 E-M48
Therm 873 E-M48
Therm 873 E-M48 Back
Therm 873 E-M48 Accessories
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Made in Germany
5 Year Commercial Warranty
Brass Pump Head - 10 Year Warranty
Heavy Duty 4-Pole Motor 1400 RPM

Kranzle E-Therm 873 M48

KTH873 E-M48

The Top of the range 400V Mobile Electrically Heated High-pressure cleaner for safety, performance, reliability and low operating cost. Designed & built to outlast / outperform others.  Standard features include Total-stop auto control system with delayed motor cut-out, electrical flow heater, additional electrical overcurrent protection, operating hour meter, 4-way safety system and built-in park brake, high pressure detergent. Instant hot water use with no pre-heating required. Ideal for regular use in applications like heavy machinery, mining, manufacturing plants. 48kW Heating.  Features - Max Temp 60°C, 10m steel double wire braided high pressure hose, Starlet Trigger gun with safety catch, Stainless steel lance with Fan jet nozzle 05, New Quick Release Plug-in system D12.  Optional Stainless-steel lance with Turbokiller nozzle 05.   5 Year Commercial Warranty. 10 Year warranty on Brass pump head. Made in Germany.

Features and Equipment
  • Operating Pressure Adjustable: 2175psi / 150bar
  • Water Output: 13L/m
  • 20AMP Plug 415v
  • Heating Output: 48kW
  • Max Inlet Water Temperature: 60ºC
  • Power Cable: 5m
  • Water Tank Volume: 12L
  • Weight: 167kg
  • Dimensions: 1050 x 800 x 1450mm
  • Total-Stop system
  • Quick release system D12
  • High Pressure Detergent
  • Safety Cut-out
  • Optical Flame monitor
  • Water flow monitor
  • 4-way Safety system
  • Low fuel cut-off for burner
  • Safety thermostat
  • Removable covers
  • Digital operating panel
  • Water Inlet Filter
  • Park Brake
  • New Quick Release Plug-in system D12
  • Trigger gun with safety catch & quick release 'Starlet'
  • Flat jet nozzle D2505 with stainless steel lance 1000mm
  • 10mtr double wire braided HP Hose


  • Hose drum with HP hose 20m DN8 double wire braided
  • Turbokiller Turbo Nozzle 05 with stainless steel lance 1000mm
  • Other accessories available - see Parts & Accessories

Our Clients Say

Waterblast Cleaning Contractor

I have tried other ‘turbo’ nozzles before, but nothing comes close to the cleaning and cutting power of a ‘TurboKiller’…and the PowerBlast® ‘Turbo-Killer’ outperforms and outlasts my other ‘turbo’ nozzles 2 to 1!

Roof Cleaning Contractor

My TurboKiller’ nozzle is the best investment I have ever made (apart from my PowerBlast® High Pressure cleaner)!

I can now clean an average of 3 tiled roofs per day – when I only used to be able to clean 2 per day!

I would recommend one to anybody who is really serious about cleaning – and even to people who aren’t really serious about cleaning!

Workshop Foreman, Earthmoving Contractor

I thought that I was going to have to upgrade to a new high pressure cleaner to clean the heavy encrusted dirt and grease off of our D9 Dozer tracks….That was until I bought a TurboKiller’nozzle!

Now I wouldn’t even dream of starting a cleaning job without my ‘TurboKiller’ it just saves me so much time and cleans things that I once thought were impossible!

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