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12393-M20042 - Kranzle Knife Jet Nozzle 042 with 500mm Lance

Knife Jet Nozzle 042 with 500mm Lance

12393-M20042 - Kranzle Knife Jet Nozzle 042 with 500mm Lance


Knife Jet Nozzle 042 with 500mm Lance

Features and Equipment
  • Max Pressure: 3625psi
  • Max Flow Rate: 20L/min
  • Max Temperature: 150ºC
  • Inlet: M22M
  • Outlet:M20042 Brass Nozzle 1/4''M
  • Spray pattern width: 20º
  • Length: 500mm
  • Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Suits Kranzle models - HD10/122TS, K1152TST, K2160TST
  • Use the Knife Jet nozzle for a sharper, more effective cleaning nozzle. The area where the Knife Jet nozzle hits the ground is approx. 75% smaller compared to a conventional fan jet nozzle. The same pressure is applied to only 25% of the area hit by the fan-jet so that the pressure taking effect on the ground is 4 times bigger leading to an enormously increased cleaning performance. 
RRP $110.00

Our Clients Say

Workshop Foreman, Earthmoving Contractor

I thought that I was going to have to upgrade to a new high pressure cleaner to clean the heavy encrusted dirt and grease off of our D9 Dozer tracks….That was until I bought a TurboKiller’nozzle!

Now I wouldn’t even dream of starting a cleaning job without my ‘TurboKiller’ it just saves me so much time and cleans things that I once thought were impossible!

Waterblast Cleaning Contractor

I have tried other ‘turbo’ nozzles before, but nothing comes close to the cleaning and cutting power of a ‘TurboKiller’…and the PowerBlast® ‘Turbo-Killer’ outperforms and outlasts my other ‘turbo’ nozzles 2 to 1!

Roof Cleaning Contractor

My TurboKiller’ nozzle is the best investment I have ever made (apart from my PowerBlast® High Pressure cleaner)!

I can now clean an average of 3 tiled roofs per day – when I only used to be able to clean 2 per day!

I would recommend one to anybody who is really serious about cleaning – and even to people who aren’t really serious about cleaning!

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