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410736 - Kranzle Dirtkiller Rotary Jet Nozzle 07

410736  Dirtkiller 07 Nozzle

410736 - Kranzle Dirtkiller Rotary Jet Nozzle 07


Incresae your EWP (Effective working pressure) by up to 70%!  The ideal rotating nozzle for smaller machines.Full brass body with plastic cover.  Dirtkiller nozzle give fantastic results when cleaning stone work and block paving, etc. It is very aggressive, you wouldn't want to use it on your car, the spinning pencil jet combines concentrated power over a larger working area enabling you to clean twice as fast.

Features and Equipment
  • Max Pressure: 3190psi
  • Max Flow rate: 20L/min
  • Max Temperature: 70ºC
  • Inlet: 1/4''F
  • Outlet: 07
RRP $205.70

Our Clients Say

Workshop Foreman, Earthmoving Contractor

December 2020

I thought that I was going to have to upgrade to a new high pressure cleaner to clean the heavy encrusted dirt and grease off of our D9 Dozer tracks….That was until I bought a TurboKiller’nozzle!

Now I wouldn’t even dream of starting a cleaning job without my ‘TurboKiller’ it just saves me so much time and cleans things that I once thought were impossible!

Waterblast Cleaning Contractor

December 2020

I have tried other ‘turbo’ nozzles before, but nothing comes close to the cleaning and cutting power of a ‘TurboKiller’…and the PowerBlast® ‘Turbo-Killer’ outperforms and outlasts my other ‘turbo’ nozzles 2 to 1!

Roof Cleaning Contractor

December 2020

My TurboKiller’ nozzle is the best investment I have ever made (apart from my PowerBlast® High Pressure cleaner)!

I can now clean an average of 3 tiled roofs per day – when I only used to be able to clean 2 per day!

I would recommend one to anybody who is really serious about cleaning – and even to people who aren’t really serious about cleaning!

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