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K1152TST Front
K1152TST Front
K1152TST Back
K1152TST Side
K1152TST-10A - Hose
K1152TST-10A - Flat
K1152TST-10A - Accessories
Made in Germany
2 Year Commercial Warranty
Brass Pump Head - 10 Year Warranty
Heavy Duty 4-Pole Motor 2800 RPM
10 AMP Plug 240V

Kranzle K1152TST-10A


Robust cold water high pressure cleaner 10amp (2800rpm) with Single-part Roto-Mould-chassis & 2 wheels, built in storage for accessories, integrated hose reel and 15m Steel wire braided high pressure hose. Total – Stop automatic switch off function improves seal life span & reduces power consumption, closing the safety trigger gun switches off the motor of the high pressure cleaner immediately, relief of the high pressure pump, increase of service life, and low pressure detergent application.  Brass pump head, Ceramic coated pump pistons, Dry-run safety & Leakage return system, New Quick Release Plug-in system D12.. 2 Year Commercial warranty.  10 Year Brass Pump warranty.   Made in Germany




Features and Equipment
  • Operating Pressure Adjustable: 1667psi / 120bar
  • Water Output: 10L/min
  • 10AMP Plug 240v
  • Max Inlet Water Temperature: 60º
  • Power Cable: 5m
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Dimensions: 360 x 365 x 870mm
  • Total-Stop system
  • Low pressure detergent
  • New Quick Release Plug-in system D12
  • Hose drum with HP hose, 15 m NW 6 wire braided
  • Trigger gun with safety catch 'M2000'
  • Dirtkiller Nozzle 042 with stainless steel lance 500mm 
  • Vario jet Nozzle 042 with stainless steel lance 500mm


  • Foam Lance with 1L bottle 
  • UFO Round Cleaner 300mm 
  • Rotaty Washing Brush 
  • Sandblast Kit 
  • Drain Cleaning Hose available 10m, 20m, 30m
  • Lance Extension 500mm
  • Lance Extension 1000mm
  • Extension Hose 10m with M22F fittings
  • Hose Joiner M22M 


Our Clients Say

Workshop Foreman, Earthmoving Contractor

December 2020

I thought that I was going to have to upgrade to a new high pressure cleaner to clean the heavy encrusted dirt and grease off of our D9 Dozer tracks….That was until I bought a TurboKiller’nozzle!

Now I wouldn’t even dream of starting a cleaning job without my ‘TurboKiller’ it just saves me so much time and cleans things that I once thought were impossible!

Roof Cleaning Contractor

December 2020

My TurboKiller’ nozzle is the best investment I have ever made (apart from my PowerBlast® High Pressure cleaner)!

I can now clean an average of 3 tiled roofs per day – when I only used to be able to clean 2 per day!

I would recommend one to anybody who is really serious about cleaning – and even to people who aren’t really serious about cleaning!

Waterblast Cleaning Contractor

December 2020

I have tried other ‘turbo’ nozzles before, but nothing comes close to the cleaning and cutting power of a ‘TurboKiller’…and the PowerBlast® ‘Turbo-Killer’ outperforms and outlasts my other ‘turbo’ nozzles 2 to 1!

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